Features of Papyrus II  Features of Papyrus II

Windows-based means standardized interface and hardware

Papyrus II is easy to learn because it uses Windows standards and within the application itself the architecture is simple and consistent throughout. It will run on a standard PC, although in larger organizations it’s more sophisticated point-of-sale will require additional hardware.PC Requirements


Besides the major features mentioned already, there are many other features which make up the powerful business suite that is Papyrus II. These features are mentioned below.

 Loyalty scheme

This provides for central management of customer details across all stores, Mailing list features in the central location can be used for marketing purposes.

Bibliographic data

The book trade has large numbers of new products arriving each month and the tedium of capturing bibliographic data is a burden to many. Using programming APIs, Papyrus II communicates with Bookfind CD, a product of Bookdata U.K. This means you will seldom need to capture bibliographic data by hand. It will be fetched from the Bookfind database when necessary in a completely transparent way .Other benefits of this partnership are increased accuracy and increased currency of data. Bookfind can also be searched from within Papyrus II. Further sources of bibliographic data are being investigated.

Automated (and manual) returns

Based on rules per supplier suggests possible returns quoting supplier's invoice and date.

Point of sale

A choice of two alternative applications provides for either a full-function, fail-safe, point-of-sale application that handles sales, returns, deposits, petty cash, loyalty customers and appros; or a simpler application that can be used in conjunction with a conventional till.

Sales and discounts

Products may be allocated to categories of type ( e.g. Book, video, calendar etc.) and to sections (e.g. History, thrillers etc.). Using these categories and also optionally customer categories, products may be marked down for a period, using centralized control.


Orders and deliveries can be placed and received using the foreign currencies. Invoices and credit notes can all be reflected in foreign currencies, rules can be used to control the rounding of values where desired.

Operator security

Security levels are optionally used to control access to sensitive data in the system and also to sign documents such as Orders Purchase orders, invoices, appros, etc.

EDI enabled

Communicating with EDI messages to and from suppliers is supported.


User-designed reports

A tool is available for user-customizing of reporting to various formats and schedules.


Library suppliers and retail stores will use appros in different ways and both these ways are supported. Appros can be used to generate invoices and or appro returns automatically. Book club appros are integrated with the POS application.

Catalogue production

The concept of catalogues is integrated through all the applications. This allows collecting books into groups for exporting to third party web dealers and the production of physical catalogues. Lying out of the physical catalogues is provided.

Purchase order and customer order tracking and management

Rapid replenishment orders are done using hints.

Customer reservations

Reservations are facilitated from special order stage to collection or dispatch.

Multi-store management

Sharing of stock holding information and customer information is handled in a cost-effective way.


Semi-automatic generation of replenishment orders, as well as special orders (customer orders) makes this operation speedy and accurate.


Where stock if purchased with a sale or return agreement, the procedure of finding and returning unsold stock is optionally automated and tracked through request stage until physical removal from store.

Customer management

Multiple addressing and mailing options, customer categorization, mailing lists are available.


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